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Crystal started her alcohol-free journey over 14 years ago. Now, she helps women battling with shame, numbing with alcohol, and struggling in recovery to thrive in a holistic lifestyle. So many women struggle with feelings of shame. Fear grips us. Guilt holds us hostage. Trauma keeps us sick. We look to alcohol to ease our pain and fill the emptiness inside ourselves. Crystal is here to help you integrate all the pieces you need to build a life of freedom and joy. There’s bliss beyond the bottle.


Crystal has coached me for over 8 years now, and during this time her support has been invaluable. When I first thought I MIGHT want to stop drinking, I reached out to Crystal and she immediately started sharing her personal experiences and offering specific suggestions, which gave me just what I needed most: hope. Through the years her encouragement and love have made my journey easier than I thought possible. She’s living proof of “bliss beyond the bottle” and she’s helped me to find it as well. I will forever be grateful to Crystal for this.

Teresa in Atlanta, GA

Sober 8 Years


Discussions with Crystal helped me sort out what I really wanted. Working with her taught me to make manageable and sustainable changes. Continuing to work with her has helped me to experience peace on my journey and the confidence to trust myself.

Kathy in Ann Arbor, MI

Sober 14 Years

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Get the support that will help you thrive in an alcohol-free lifestyle.