These two words…

Absolute vulnerability.

I was wrong.

My actions hurt you.

I’m sorry. PERIOD.

No rationalizing, justifying or minimizing based on their actions.

That’s my ego trying to soften my part.

That’s my pride trying to blame you.

I am responsible for how I behave.

I am responsible for the words that come out of my mouth.

I am responsible for my energy.

You are not to blame.

The silence in yoga today filled my head with a wrong I had to make right.

I picked up the phone before I convinced myself otherwise.

WOW. It’s so challenging for me to not explain myself away.

I wanted to justify my actions.

I didn’t.

I sat with the discomfort.

It was palpable.

What’s next?

Behavior change.

The outcome is not up to me.

Life today really is a journey of unbecoming to become who I am meant to be.

More you. Less me.

Progress again today. Far from perfection.