I am not big on New Year’s resolutions. In the past when I have made any resolve I was rarely able to follow through and keep the goal(s). The cycle of dreaming of more, setting out with big aspirations then reverting right back to where I started was a common theme for years.

I have learned I can’t achieve my big goals without focusing solely on my daily habits. That’s the key to success-HABITS THAT STICK. I start with SMALL CHANGES with the larger goal in mind. Oh, my poor ego hates it. It tries to convince me I can (and need) to go bigger now, but I remind myself that the intention is that these changes are integrated into my life a year from now, not just the first few weeks of January.

I do two things differently today thanks to James Clear, author of atomic habits.

1. I attach a new habit to a current habit. James Clear refers to this as habit stacking.
2. I start small with the intention of working up to my desired goal.

Here is a example of a new habit I added last week. My goal is to meditate 10 minutes in the morning. I have been trying to achieve this for years. I start, make some progress, life gets in the way, it was never truly embedded as part of my daily routine (like brushing my teeth) so it just falls away. It didn’t have a chance because I went too big too soon. Does this sound familiar?

What I am doing differently now is starting with ONE MINUTE of mediation AFTER (habit stacking) I finish my daily devotional in the morning. I will add 30 sec to this habit come February and continue to build from there.

Give this a try if you struggle with your goals such as less screen time, weight loss, more exercise, etc. Remember we are playing the long game not looking for quick fixes. Those will never last.