It’s not happening to me. It’s happening for me.

I’ve had this thought on repeat for a few weeks now.
A simple perspective change when…..
-old fears surface and need healing
-life’s challenges arise
-uncertainty forces me to face risks
-my patience is being tested
-people’s actions hurt me
-shit happens that I have ZERO control over

I have a choice in the moment.

Do not shrink. Do not numb. Do not hide. Do not avoid. Do not deny. Do not react.

Run to it, not from it.
Breathe. Pray.
Ask for help.
Sit with the pain.
Face the fear.
Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Words make is sound so easy.
Old patterns and habits want to win.
This is where the magic is.
This is where the growth happens….in the choice.

Which perspective do you choose?