I woke up feeling ok today.

I am good with ok.

Life doesn’t always feel good.

Don’t buy into that lie.

I’ve learned that ok days are good days.

That signals there is a challenge in front of me.

Emotional. Mental. Spiritual.

What’s the action I need to take?

  • Feel the feelings.
  • Face the curveballs.
  • Pray and be still.
  • Move through the discomfort.
  • Speak my truth.
  • Make things right.


Ok tells me there is opportunity for growth.

Somewhere. Somehow.

Big perspective shift for me.

Ok was not going to cut it today.

My ego was fired up. I was unsettled.

My rationalizations. My justifications. My fear.

Me. Me. Me.

Focusing on you means not looking at my part.

Professional inventory taker over here 🙋🏼‍♀️

I always have a part when it involves another human.


Growth for me this morning was acting despite the circus in my head.

I don’t always take the action.

My bullshit can still win.

Not today though. Love wins.

Action was the answer. Love became a verb.

I reached out and offered my time, then I offered a gift.

My gestures said, “I love you,” but more importantly I love me.

That’s the real kicker. It’s never about the other person.

It’s how I choose to show up.

The result.

A great day despite the coffee spots on my new white shorts.

Progress for sure. Far from perfection.