Holidays tend to exacerbate my losses and my wounds.

I have found myself grieving and grateful this holiday season.

  • Grieving the disappearance of the familiar while (uncomfortably) welcoming the new.
  • Grieving the loss of loved ones-those alive and those who have passed on.
  • Grieving the idea(s) of what Christmas needs to look like.
  • Grieving the truth that some relationships in my life will never function the way I hoped for.
  • Grateful for new beginnings.
  • Grateful for the memories of Christmas past especially the warmth my mother’s house had this time of year.
  • Grateful for the family I have built the past ten years.
  • Grateful of all the love that surrounds me.


Grief. Acceptance.

I have given myself permission to allow the emotions to rise up and be released.

I hope you do the same.

The holidays are a great opportunity to feel them, own them and heal them.

The tears don’t make you weak. The anger doesn’t make you bad. The sadness doesn’t make you selfish.

They are all part of the process.

Honor those feelings and make space for them. I am.

Close the bathroom door and let it out. Put your sunglasses and shed a tear. Take a walk and release it. Pick up the phone and vent to friend.

The only way out is through.