Group Recovery Coaching

You don’t have to figure this out alone.

Through this recovery coaching community, you’ll find compassion, support, and accountability to release alcohol from your life and build a new one filled with abundance, connection, and adventure.

Within our community, we’ll follow a step-by-step framework to dismantle your limiting beliefs, and rebuild a positive mindset around the core pillars of health, community, purpose, spirituality, and self-acceptance.

Together we will redefine what recovery looks like based on resilience, understanding, and adventure to help you create a life you love waking up to each morning.

Along the way, you’ll forge new relationships with like-minded women, learn from the stories of strong women on the same journey as you, and build your own confidence in this alcohol-free lifestyle by supporting women in our community.

What you’ll find in this community…

Structured Curriculum

Step-by-step guidance on how to unpack limiting beliefs and dismantle destructive habits, so you have a clear and simple path to follow even when the journey feels overwhelming and complex.

Heart-centered, safe environment

Share the true you and learn from the stories of others, so you can further your recovery journey through the numerous “aha moments” inspired by the story of another woman on a similar path.

True Belonging

A space where you’re not the only sober one, where shared experience is the basis for connection, and where your peers are always there to cheer you on, hold you accountable, and celebrate with, so you are never alone in this journey.

Lifelong Friends

Friends who share your values, understand the challenges you face, accept you for who you are, provide a sounding board for advice, and serve as a reminder that you are not alone in this journey because you have an unending support system built right in.

Who this is for…

Recovery Coaching Community is for women who:

  • Has already identified blocks, and wants support and direction on how to remove them
  • Craves community and connections not sustained or generated by alcohol
  • Wants a built-in support network as they change their lifestyle to go alcohol-free
  • Likes the structure of a step-by-step framework to follow at a defined pace

Who this is not for…

My private coaching program is a better fit for women who:

  • Desires the anonymity to share her story privately with a trusted advisor
  • Needs support to identify the blocks and obstacles holding her back
  • Learns best one-on-one with a curriculum personalized to her specific needs
  • Prefers not to be distracted by others who may be at other stages in their journeys

Group Coaching Package

8 Week Interactive Group Coaching

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